We have developed a number of rules, guidelines and policies on SUDSOL to keep our list running smoothly.
The SUDSOL Code of Conduct is the guide on what is allowed on SUDSOL & how to treat each other. Each member of SUDSOL is required to agree to the Code of Conduct prior to becoming a subscribed member.

Code of Conduct:

  1. I understand that the purpose of SUDSOL is to help my business grow and I agree to discuss only stamping or SU! business related subjects. If I want to discuss personal news/items, I agree to use other lists, resources, or contact SUDSOL friends directly via private email.

  2. I understand there are a large number of demonstrators on SUDSOL. I value other peoples time and I agree
    to not use SUDSOL as a chat forum, but instead to post and respond to items that benefit the list as whole.

  3. I agree to treat others on SUDSOL with courtesy and respect.

  4. I agree to use other resources available to me (Demo manual, SU! website, SUDSOL website, catalog, upline/sideline, etc.) to find easily answered questions before asking the question on SUDSOL.

  5. I agree to read and abide by all SUDSOL rules, guidelines and policies.

Other SUDSOL rules:

  1. SUDSOL is only for paid members only

  2. Guidelines for formatting notes sent to SUDSOL

  3. Special Rules for Selling or Trading items on SUDSOL

  4. Special Rules for Hosting Swaps on SUDSOL

What Happens If I Disregard the SUDSOL Rules?

SUDSOL operates on a 3 strike rule. 1st offense, you are warned by the SLB; 2nd offense, appropriate SUDSOL privileges may be revoked; 3rd offense, your SUDSOL subscription may be terminated.

The SUDSOL Leadership Board runs the SUDSOL list and decides what falls within our SUDSOL charter, what violates a SUDSOL rule and what does not.

We try to keep SUDSOL a friendly and useful place to be. Our rules are set in place to serve the majority of our members. If you have any questions, you can contact us at slb at